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"There's no throne, there is no version of this where you come out on top. Maybe your army comes and maybe it's too much for us but it's all on you."
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I'm a chick :)

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14/01/2008 07:35 CET   15201. Mad Men wins the Golden Globe for Best Drama Series. 
29/06/2007 20:06 CET   13582. Buffy and Firefly on TV Guide's new Best Cult Series List. 
12/02/2007 06:04 CET   12448. Joss Whedon directs 'The Office'. 
25/03/2005 07:58 CET   6370. TV Gal urges viewers to not let Veronica Mars become a second Firefly. 
13/05/2003 07:14 CET   1329. "End of the Buffyverse", 
21/01/2003 20:40 CET   706. Xander in L.A.? 
13/01/2003 01:33 CET   664. Another music star to guest in Buffy. 
08/12/2002 04:58 CET   528. Give James Marsters An Emmy! 
08/12/2002 01:21 CET   528. Give James Marsters An Emmy! 
09/11/2002 18:17 CET   426. frontpage BtVS stuff 
01/11/2002 03:43 CET   401. Excellent post connecting Baudelaire and BtVS 
24/10/2002 06:27 CET   372. Anyone keeping an eye on Cassie? 
25/09/2002 19:41 CET   275. The long wait is over: BtVS S7x01 airs on UPN today. 

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