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"To coin a popular Sunnydale phrase, 'duh'!"
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Member since: 19 September 2004
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Park City, USA

I collect chinsey little plastic glowbugs. I think that they may have once come in happy meals. But not "happy meals with legs".

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21/02/2006 10:59 CET   9594. Chiwetel Ejiofor goes from Operative to Transvestite. 
10/12/2005 23:44 CET   8937. Fox's cancellation of Reunion continues in the tradition of Firefly and Wonderfalls 
03/10/2005 09:41 CET   8275. Serenity Moseys to Tame Start. 
27/04/2005 10:02 CET   6572.  
25/10/2004 04:37 CET   5165. Pinata: Survival Island part of AMC's Monsterfest. 
17/10/2004 12:30 CET   5099. High Stakes 2004: Whedon Fans for John Kerry 
24/09/2004 01:24 CET   4910. Wednesday is minus Angel but adds 2 series with Verse connections. 
21/09/2004 23:45 CET   4902. Angel season four DVD review. 
21/09/2004 23:19 CET   4899. Marc Blucas Talks About "First Daughter". 
20/09/2004 03:30 CET   4887. First glimpse of the Buffy: Complete DVD Collector's Edition (R2). 

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