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Member since: 15 October 2004
rory has posted 1 links and 7 comments to WHEDONesque.


What? You want to know about me? Little old me? Okay!
I've been watching Angel since the beginning, and got into Buffy as a natural result. Firefly fan too, of course, and am like one of those annoying Jehova's Witnesses when it comes to trying to turn others into Whedon followers.

In real life, I am a student at Concordia university, and am also a wannabe writer and musician.

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28/04/2005 08:01 CET   6566. Serenity Trailer Now Online! 
09/02/2005 00:57 CET   5999. AtS 100th episode wine glasses up on Ebay. 
28/10/2004 20:06 CET   5210. Going straight for the Jugular. 
25/10/2004 06:43 CET   5164. James Marsters calendar for charity. 
25/10/2004 01:09 CET   5164. James Marsters calendar for charity. 
19/10/2004 02:57 CET   5110. Buffy Season Seven (R1) DVD Release Date 
15/10/2004 21:12 CET   5058. Zap2it best TV pick for tonight - "Lost", cause Fury wrote it. 

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