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"I have dozens of loyal fans! Baker's dozens! ... They come in thirteens."
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Marie Watkins Crocker

Salt Lake City UT

I can't ignore that empty box. The posting/cgi box (whatever it's actually called), sits there, blank, nagging me to fill it up with words - only a few, if that's all I've got, but it's always better to fill it with a lot of words. Fill up the emptiness with words, and I do. Usually I go back and erase a lot of the words, because, hey, too wordy. But the supposed description ends up being either something short and esoteric, or long and (quite possibly) scary (as in, "ohmigod, what a wackaloon!"). I don't know how to describe myself in a way that will give people some clue as to who I am and what I'm doing, so most of the time I end up posting something that can only tell whoever wants to read it what's going on inside my head at that particular moment. I also don't want to seem boring. I mean, I know I can be boring, causing ennui of quite biblical proportions, so I try to avoid that (maybe not hard, but I do make some sort of effort). I don't know how successful I am, though. I mean, I know I entertain myself, but it's hard to tell if I'm entertaining anyone other than my family. Even then, they don't quite find the things I find amusing about myself as amusing as I do.

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