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"Yes, that's exactly the most appalling thing you could have said."
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I read. I write. I sing and scream and listen to music and do the hokey pokey and say stupid things that I wish I could take back like two seconds later and tell jokes that nobody else laughs at. When the lights are off and the blinds are closed, I dance like a lunatic and sashay back and forth as if I were a backup dancer for one of those flavor of the week pop stars.

I smile a lot, look uncomfortable often, and never quite know what to do with my hands. These things will forever stay the same.

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18/08/2005 18:39 CET   7565. Viral marketing for "Serenity" underway? 
18/08/2005 18:16 CET   7566. Brooke Nevin to Play 'Buffy' on Smallville. 
27/07/2005 16:43 CET   7363. SMG Won't Do Buffy (According to Hubby). 
17/06/2005 14:08 CET   6995. Buffy and Angel take third place in Cult TV poll. 
13/06/2005 16:30 CET   6972. Clip of 'How I Met Your Mother' with our very own Alyson Hannigan. 
13/06/2005 14:23 CET   6969. Can "Global Frequency" be saved? 
09/06/2005 14:47 CET   6938. Joss confirms screenings on the 23rd. 
08/06/2005 14:29 CET   6913. Mixed reviews for 'The Inside'. 
08/06/2005 14:25 CET   6927. A Tru Calling Season 2 plot arc explained by one of the writers. 
07/06/2005 16:30 CET   6913. Mixed reviews for 'The Inside'. 
05/06/2005 08:51 CET   6895. A Blogger's Review of "The Inside". 
30/05/2005 18:33 CET   6851. Orson Scott Card with more praise for Whedon shows. 
30/05/2005 18:29 CET   6854. Trailer for Bianca Lawson's new movie "Dead and Breakfast" now available. 
27/05/2005 08:54 CET   6834. Yay or Nay for tonight's Serenity screenings? 
26/05/2005 20:05 CET   6833. Executive Producer of the WB's new show Supernatural compares it to Angel and The Grudge. 
25/05/2005 20:26 CET   6826. Michelle Trachtenberg and Sean Maher in lifetime movie together. 
25/05/2005 14:32 CET   6827. The final part of DarkWorlds' Joss Whedon interview. 
25/05/2005 12:07 CET   6827. The final part of DarkWorlds' Joss Whedon interview. 
24/05/2005 12:03 CET   6815. Joss discusses the future of 'Buffy' and 'Angel' 
24/05/2005 08:46 CET   6815. Joss discusses the future of 'Buffy' and 'Angel' 

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