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"Why arent you awesomed by me?"
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Member since: 07 February 2005
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Emma Frost

Fullerton, California

Not really much to say about me, to tell the truth. I'm a total comic book geek. Loved Buffy since the movie, even though in retrospect, it wasn't too good (but hey, I was somewhere in the realm of nine years of age at the time, yeah?). My appreciation totally grew when the Buffy show started, which was worlds better than the movie.

I've been an X-Men fan since I was a kid, and Emma Frost has always been my favorite character (in the Whedonverse, it was Cordelia), so it was like a quasi-big O when I found out that not only was Joss Whedon writing an X-book, but he was gonna have Emma Frost in it. :-D

(Er...and I just realized...that I should have posted this up before? I have boy parts. Even though I have a girl name.)

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