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"An entire army in an instant, just from a phone call. That is genius! Why didn't I think of that? Did I think of that? Oh God..."
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Neal Morton
California USA

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27/06/2005 21:22 CET   7067. BBC Cult Site to close July 15th. 
20/05/2005 23:48 CET   6788. Remembering a show that did 'Not Fade Away' because the fans continue to help the helpless. 
28/04/2005 23:59 CET   6586. James Marsters visits Stonehenge 
27/04/2005 03:55 CET   6570. Supporting Libraries With a Vengeance. 
27/03/2005 02:07 CET   6382. Angel nominated for Hugo award. 
24/03/2005 22:11 CET   6366. Seth Green to guest star on season finale of 'Will and Grace'. 
18/03/2005 19:46 CET   6320. How's the WB doing? 
14/03/2005 22:59 CET   6288. pays tribute to Alyson Hannigan. 
13/03/2005 00:09 CET   6269. Save One Show? How About Resurrect a Whole Universe! 
08/03/2005 01:07 CET   6236. Tribute to James Marsters. 
07/03/2005 21:50 CET   6234. Free CBS Taping of "How I Met Your Mother" on April 7th. 
04/03/2005 10:27 CET   6212. Alyson Hannigan rumored to have signed to new sitcom pilot. 
03/03/2005 01:18 CET   6204. "The Crow: Wicked Prayer" Premiere Tonight 
28/02/2005 00:28 CET   6183. SMG's Romantic Comedy finally getting made. 
26/02/2005 02:12 CET   6171. Angel episode not indecent 
25/02/2005 21:33 CET   6162. Happy Birthday Alexis Denisof. 
25/02/2005 00:53 CET   6156. No Ratings Boost from Alyson Hannigan's Appearance on Veronica Mars. 
24/02/2005 21:54 CET   6156. No Ratings Boost from Alyson Hannigan's Appearance on Veronica Mars. 
23/02/2005 20:57 CET   6145. DVD sales give new hope to TV shows facing the axe. 
23/02/2005 01:22 CET   6139. The Crow:Wicked Prayer will be on DVD on July 19th. 

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