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"I am Loki of Asgard. And I am burdened with glorious purpose."
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Member since: 21 March 2005
blutortu has posted 2 links and 65 comments to WHEDONesque.


Los Angeles, CA

Favorite Whedonverse quote of all time:
"As defending champion, you nervous?"

Favorite Whedonverse character ever:

Cons attended:

Favorite Whedonverse site (excepting Whedonesque, of course):
All Things Philosophical. I could spend hours there. And have. Fascinating.

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18/05/2007 22:46 CET   13259. CW cancels Veronica Mars. 
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27/11/2006 23:37 CET   11913. Nebraska Wesleyan class explores depth behind 'Buffy'. 
22/09/2006 21:12 CET   11415. CBS is holding Karaoke contests for a walk on role on Aly's show. 
01/08/2006 19:45 CET   10991. L.A. Times Review of "Lobster Alice". 
01/08/2006 19:30 CET   10999. Sean Maher's new telepic "Wedding March". 
23/06/2006 21:02 CET   10684. Happy birthday to Joss Whedon. 
23/05/2006 22:30 CET   10421. Oh, dear. SMG fugged at Go Fug Yourself. 
06/03/2006 21:49 CET   9725. Check out Cousin Beth at the Oscars! 
01/02/2006 02:07 CET   9419. Serenity - the animated review. 
31/01/2006 00:40 CET   9404. Firefly/Serenity Timeline. 
27/01/2006 01:35 CET   9383. The Fembot: An Open Love Letter to Joss Whedon. 

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