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"The curtains close. On a kiss god knows. We can tell the end is near."
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Member since: 22 March 2005
Bill Door has posted 1 links and 14 comments to WHEDONesque.

Bill Door
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07/11/2005 23:25 CET   8707. Review of Anthony Head's Play "Otherwise Engaged". 
28/07/2005 20:23 CET   7377. Nathan vents at Edmonton comic shop, 
04/05/2005 16:09 CET   6639. Response to screenings "amazing" says Chris Buchanan. 
02/05/2005 23:57 CET   6620. Hitchhikers Beams. 
29/04/2005 14:23 CET   6586. James Marsters visits Stonehenge 
08/04/2005 17:37 CET   6465. Another chance to Vote For Firefly. 
08/04/2005 17:23 CET   6465. Another chance to Vote For Firefly. 
06/04/2005 19:58 CET   6454. Sydney Morning Herald reveal when they thought Buffy "Jumped the Shark". 
04/04/2005 20:33 CET   6434. The Guardian Unlimited: The Art of Mimicking. 
31/03/2005 20:38 CET   6416. Former WW writer and artist talks about Joss on Wonder Woman. 
30/03/2005 20:56 CET   6405. Tony Head hosts BBC radio preview of the new Doctor Who tv series. 
30/03/2005 19:23 CET   6406. "Spike would be different as a subject" says Joss Whedon. 
24/03/2005 11:33 CET   6363. Marti Noxon confirms Point Pleasant cancelation. 
23/03/2005 13:37 CET   6349. Sarah Michelle Gellar talks about acting. 

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