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"The human mind is like Van Halen. If you just pull out one piece and keep replacing it, it just degenerates."
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John Kip
Sydney, Australia

There is no sunset or painting, or finely aged scotch that's going to sum up my life. And I'm afraid a few lines of text isn't really enough, either. ;)

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11/04/2007 14:01 CET   12935. 13 Shows That Should Never Have Been Cancelled. 
07/04/2007 10:35 CET   12874. 'Serenity' beats 'Star Wars' in SFX poll for best scifi movie ever. 
08/06/2006 10:49 CET   10530. For the love of Firefly and Wonderfalls. 
31/05/2006 06:41 CET   10472. BtVS DVD R1 Slimsets released. 
04/05/2006 08:12 CET   10257. "The Final Fight" used in One Tree Hill promo. 
14/01/2006 06:45 CET   9260. Battlestar Galactica is not comparable to the "more fanciful" series Firefly and Farscape 
08/11/2005 07:15 CET   8715. Buffy and Dawn action figures to be joined by Joyce 
06/09/2005 09:13 CET   7791. UIP Australia Releases Serenity Poster. 
31/08/2005 08:34 CET   7709. David Boreanaz To Star In New "Trek"? 
19/08/2005 06:42 CET   7575. When Fandom Closes Up Shop. 
19/08/2005 06:33 CET   7571. Chao Ahn tells lies in "Cry Wolf". 
11/08/2005 11:33 CET   7492. Drew Goddard on the possibility of a Spike movie. 
23/07/2005 18:15 CET   7315. WB to fans: We'll 'gladly' do a Spike TV movie. 
28/06/2005 12:12 CET   7075. Firefly theme based song. 
23/06/2005 11:48 CET   7036. And Happy Birthday to Joss Whedon. 
19/05/2005 09:45 CET   6766. Top TV Cliffhangers Of All Time. 
18/05/2005 18:00 CET   6764. Australian release date is now 29 September. 
18/05/2005 03:52 CET   6756. How much an Angel. 
06/05/2005 12:13 CET   6651. Happy Birthday Vincent Kartheiser!! 

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