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"I didn't see an end, so I put a bullet in my mouth and the other guy spit it out."
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09/04/2008 23:47 CET   16029. First look at James Marsters in 'Dragonball'. 
14/11/2007 23:58 CET   14739. James Marsters cast in Dragonball Movie. 
14/11/2007 09:16 CET   14739. James Marsters cast in Dragonball Movie. 
24/10/2007 23:13 CET   14535. New Serenity River T-shirt, Serenity Logo Coffee Mug, Shot Glass and Ceramic Shooter. 
27/08/2005 06:03 CET   7680. Get ready for the Labour Day Joss-a-Thon on Space. 
22/08/2005 12:42 CET   7601. Serenity LEGO-ized. 
20/07/2005 10:27 CET   7266. Nathan Fillion comments on the new Serenity poster 
11/06/2005 21:49 CET   6958. What happened to Global Frequency? 
10/06/2005 01:46 CET   6938. Joss confirms screenings on the 23rd. 
08/06/2005 07:35 CET   6919. Adam Baldwin just added to Canadian SFX in August. 
24/05/2005 07:11 CET   6808. James Marsters at SFX in Toronto in August. 
09/05/2005 06:15 CET   6675. Review from Beyond the Slimy Wall: 'They' co-starring Marc Blucas. 

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