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"Okay, the entire world sucks because some dead ditz made a wish?"
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Member since: 17 May 2005
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Debra Anderson
South Central NH

I am a 41 year old Stay at Home Mom to my awesome four year old daughter, Rowan. In my "spare" time I am a writer-wannabe. I have been interested in SciFi since I was 11 and came to Joss through Firefly. I love Joss' sarcastic wit and complete and complicated worlds and universe.

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17/03/2007 17:15 CET   12745. New England Browncoats present a Big Damn Shindig with the Bedlam Bards. 
17/03/2007 09:20 CET   12745. New England Browncoats present a Big Damn Shindig with the Bedlam Bards. 
28/11/2006 10:14 CET   11927. Flanvention II to be cancelled?!?! 
22/11/2006 11:52 CET   11892. Nathan Fillion queries appearance at Flanvention 2. 
20/11/2006 23:12 CET   11883. Happy birthday to Jonathan M. Woodward. 
25/10/2006 00:41 CET   11688. Universal's legal action against 11th Hour. 
05/10/2006 16:39 CET   11513. Those Joss Whedon Serenity sequel comments. 
05/06/2006 23:27 CET   10516. Tickets now on sale for 'Serenity'/Equality Now screenings in most participating cities. 
05/06/2006 23:20 CET   10518. On the Set Gossip from Serenity. 
26/04/2006 12:48 CET   10182. David Boreanaz on Ellen Degeneres Show Today. 
03/04/2006 09:24 CET   9970. Alan's icy voice melts Nathan's slithery slugs at the box office. 
01/04/2006 08:47 CET   9963. Wonder Woman "Cast". 
20/03/2006 19:17 CET   9847. Nathan goes Into The Black. 
18/03/2006 19:34 CET   9833. Sam Loeb and (a bunch of) The 26. 
05/03/2006 23:43 CET   9727. Who Got Snubbed? A Shout-outathon. 
24/02/2006 16:36 CET   9628. Alan Tudyk cast in CBS's untitled Carol Mendelsohn drama. 
20/02/2006 09:51 CET   9591. Safe sex may require a mouth guard. 
13/02/2006 09:44 CET   9528. This place can look up stuff! 
17/05/2005 13:12 CET   6745. Jonathan M. Woodward's play described as "ingenious." 

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