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"How's it sit? Pretty cunning, don'tchya think?"
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Member since: 06 October 2002
T. Earl Grey has posted 2 links and 8 comments to WHEDONesque.

T. Earl Grey
Jack Scheer

Inside the DC Beltway

Whedon fan since '99. If Joss ever writes a musical for Broadway, I want to star in it.

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27/02/2004 13:08 CET   3090. E! Online's Fourth Annual Save One Show Poll 
19/01/2004 13:18 CET   2722. Done staking hearts, now they're breaking them 
04/09/2003 10:47 CET   1961. Vote for your top Buffy episode 
04/09/2003 10:42 CET   1963. IT'S OFFICIAL! 
19/08/2003 11:21 CET   1895. ASH to appear in Pirates of Penzance. 
24/07/2003 08:04 CET   1772. British teens hold Buffy/Angel Watch-a-thon for charity 
12/02/2003 09:11 CET   811. A Buffy-less "Buffy"? Have Faith 
06/10/2002 10:21 CET   314. So Anthony Head on 'So Graham Norton'. 

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