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"Mission is what matters."
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Member since: 25 December 2005
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Geek/tomboy fusion that loves learning things, power tools, DIY $things, a great story and on repeated occasions, badassery. By nature, Iím a creative person. Nice days means youíll likely find me working outside. Basically my brain? Itís like Johnny 5: Needs input. Kevin Conroy is a GQMF in my book. As is Mark Hamill, Tim Daly and Clancey Brown. I like my music ranging from instrumental only to rock, if a story grabs my interest, I engage, I love to laugh and Die Hard's a Christmas movie.

In closing the answer is either 42 and/or Batman.BUTTERED TOAST!

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31/10/2006 19:55 CET   11738. Adam Baldwin finds Day Break Nov 15th. 
01/01/2006 17:54 CET   9102. "Whedon is a goddamn genius". 
25/12/2005 13:27 CET   9051. Nathan's holiday message 

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