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"Yes, Jayne. She's a witch. She has had congress with the beast."
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Michael Frank
Bedford Hills, NY

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28/06/2013 18:50 CET   31369. Happy Birthday, Felicia Day! 
12/12/2011 22:25 CET   27728. Eliza Dushku on The League tonight. 
28/07/2010 03:12 CET   24461. The Guild's new music video: "Game On". 
28/06/2009 18:41 CET   20829. Happy birthday to Felicia Day. 
19/04/2009 18:13 CET   19960. A message from the Dr. Horrible cast and crew of Hockinson High School. 
19/10/2006 06:52 CET   11634. Morena Baccarin on her Stargate SG-1 gig. 
31/05/2006 07:00 CET   10468. Morena Baccarin discusses her new role on Stargate SG-1. 
10/03/2006 07:09 CET   9746. Our Mrs. Reynolds on "Without a Trace". 
08/03/2006 07:09 CET   9737. Amy Acker guest stars in How I Met Your Mother. 
08/02/2006 06:15 CET   9480. Buffy mention in commentary on last night's 24 in's The Watercooler. 
26/01/2006 03:50 CET   9367. Amy Acker made an Alias regular. 
08/01/2006 21:06 CET   9183. Happy Birthday Amber Benson! 

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