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"You have reached Ritual Sacrifice. For goats press one, or say "goats.""
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Member since: 27 December 2005
Horovits has posted 2 links and 12 comments to WHEDONesque.

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02/09/2008 16:30 CET   17478. Liner notes and lyrics for Doctor Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. 
19/07/2008 18:54 CET   16964. Doctor Horrible Act III (The Big Finale) is Live. 
18/04/2008 10:26 CET   16099. Proof Joss Whedon is a social media visionary. 
28/03/2008 16:16 CET   15916. IGN's 'Chick Fight' Pits Slayer Against Terminator. 
13/12/2007 17:57 CET   14976. Blogger compares Firefly/Serenity with Gilgamesh for a grade. 
28/11/2007 15:30 CET   14839. Answered! (With Brian Lynch). 
13/11/2007 17:07 CET   14699. Mom, He's Doing It Again... 
18/05/2007 11:50 CET   13255. CBS to copy Angel? 
27/08/2006 10:27 CET   11219. Best Dramatic Presentation, Long Form: Serenity. 
09/05/2006 13:46 CET   10292. Joss Whedon wins Nebula Award for Serenity script. 
30/04/2006 14:41 CET   10211. Wired: Why Firefly will Never Die. 

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