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"You know what the chain of command is? It's the chain I go get and beat you with 'til ya understand who's in ruttin' command here."
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07/10/2006 16:05 CET   11529. Mercedes McNab goes commando: 
28/08/2006 16:43 CET   11232. Adam Baldwin's appearance at Dragon*Con has been cancelled. 
24/08/2006 17:31 CET   11197. Angel's Penn to star as zombie fighter in 28 Days Later sequel. 
28/06/2006 18:54 CET   10729. Can't Stop the Serenity Weekend Wrap-Up Article w/Equality Now Video. 
05/06/2006 22:36 CET   10521. Jewel has updated her "Dear Roj" blog... 
23/05/2006 10:23 CET   10421. Oh, dear. SMG fugged at Go Fug Yourself. 
28/04/2006 12:10 CET   10204. How I Met Your Buffy. 
14/04/2006 11:49 CET   10065. "Days of Our Lives" actress Nadia Bjorlin rumored to be in the running for Wonder Woman role. 
02/03/2006 01:09 CET   9691. Serenity Role Playing Game Game Master's Screen hits stores. 
28/02/2006 20:59 CET   9675. 'Serenity' loses to 'Brokeback Mountain' at Moviefone Moviegoer Awards. 
23/02/2006 01:55 CET   9605. When supporting characters save shows. 
13/02/2006 09:34 CET   9528. This place can look up stuff! 
30/01/2006 13:14 CET   9407. Serenity Comes To Philly In February. 
10/01/2006 13:40 CET   9210. Serenity stars at Moonlight Rising Con. 
04/01/2006 22:38 CET   9145. Vampire Angel Debut. 
30/12/2005 20:47 CET   9094. City Paper declares 'Serenity' one of 'the year's sharpest political movies.' 
29/12/2005 18:50 CET   9088. Say Goodbye - Official Serenity site to close January 3rd. 

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