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"Put the rats back in the maze, Topher. Before one of them bites you."
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03/08/2008 15:45 CET   17177. Buffy the Animated Series -the pilot presentation thingy 
03/04/2007 23:18 CET   12882. Is Serenity better than Star Wars? 
07/02/2007 03:30 CET   12410. Drive - Everyone has a reason. 
06/12/2006 13:05 CET   11968. Poll: Heroes' Jessica vs. Buffy. 
18/11/2006 23:05 CET   11864. Buffy could beat Bond says academic. 
25/10/2006 18:43 CET   11701. Researcher mathematically proves that vampires don't exist. 
05/05/2006 03:27 CET   10270. "And I dressed up as Joss Whedon". 
04/05/2006 22:43 CET   10260. Buffy: Chaos Bleeds revisited. 
29/04/2006 02:13 CET   10207. Buffy and Firefly make it on to a list of shows to watch if "Lost" on a island. 
25/04/2006 00:35 CET   10166. Alexis on Tonight's How I Met Your Mother. 

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