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"Dear God, spare me and I'll spend my life helping the poor, unless you don't like them for some reason and that's why they're poor."
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R. Shelton


Confirmed Browncoat since the first airing of Train Job (tho' I was eventually delighted to see them in order on DVD). I've been in love with scifi since I was a kid - it's come a long way! My first love has always been books, but movies & tv are catching up. :) Other fave (newer) TV shows are the new BSG, Torchwood & Heroes. I also love podcasting and am a regular submitter to 'SciFiDig' and will be voicing a role on Sweet Sorrow.

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11/05/2007 12:49 CET   13192. Nathan Fillion on tonight's (5/10) Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. 

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