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"Strangely fitting in a grotesque fashion."
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David McCloughan Jr.

Lambertville, NJ

I have been a fan of Joss Whedon since March 10th 1997 when Buffy premiered. Didnt see Firefly until it was released on DVD (my fox never aired it practically) but it has become my favorite TV show of all time, and Serenity is my top pick of movie of all time! I even think if i hadnt been a fan, i would still love Serenity cuz it's a perfect movie! anyway, Lucky enough was I to meet Joss at a Con back in 2005. He is an amazing man. He was kind enough to sign my Fray Trade paperback and take a picture with me! I was so excited that i called everyone i had ever met, right there. And as he walked away from the crowd i screamed out "Bye Joss" and i was waiving at him. he turned around and waived right at me, made eye contact. He is just an amazing man how much he gives back to his fans. I am truely thankful to him that he has given me things in my life to be passionate about, even if they got cancelled! But they cant take the sky from us! I Cant wait to work with him one day. I am an actor after all. Joss is pretty much the reason that i became an actor, or at least figured out that is what i wanted to do. buffy was the first thing that I went "I want to be in that!" SO that's when i started doing theatre and now i'm hooked. And I know in my heart I will work with him one day! So if your reading this Joss, send me all info about auditions when Serenity 2 starts! I cant wait for his future projects, and I'm still holding on to high hopes that the Firefly/Serenity verse will continue on in some form!

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