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"Someone wasn't worthy."
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Member since: 19 November 2002
Cris has posted 5 links and 95 comments to WHEDONesque.

Nashville, Tennessee

I'm a loyal lurker, way more interested in what others have to say than sharing my opinion. But if you care, my opinion is that Joss can do no wrong; Willow is my hero and my ultimate girl crush; there should be hundreds of Serenity movies; David Boreanaz is almost better as Booth than he was as Angel; Wesley got ssssssmoking hot by the end of Angel; and shoot me now, but I love(d) Riley Finn with the white hot passion of a thousand suns.

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29/12/2003 09:52 CET   2595. Cinescape pics from the recent Firefly Q&A 
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13/11/2003 08:52 CET   2335. 'Lineage' review. 
10/11/2003 11:27 CET   2315. Vincent speaks. 
29/10/2003 09:59 CET   2257. "Respect the cruller..." 
24/10/2003 12:26 CET   2236. Fox Press release with details of the FireFly DVD content 

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