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"Of course, according to my parents the action I'm getting right now should make my last remaining eye go blind..."
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Julie Sorcek

Longtime Joss fan - I have watched "Buffy" and "Angel" since their first seasons, right through the end. Spike is my favorite character - James Marsters is a phenomenal actor! I also very much have enjoyed "Firefly" and "Serenity". Looking forward to the BDM on DVD, to add to my Whedon collection.

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27/08/2007 20:47 CET   14089. First look at the variant cover for 'Angel: After the Fall' #1. 
15/03/2007 10:05 CET   12723. Season 6 of Angel now? 
13/03/2007 10:57 CET   12701. Scott Allie Season 8 interview. 
11/03/2007 14:18 CET   12687. Dark Horse release info and cover art for Buffy #4. 
11/01/2007 10:02 CET   12218. "Angel: Auld Lang Syne #3" Is Out Today. 
22/10/2006 16:34 CET   11643. Boxer Rebellion for Marsters' Shadow Puppets. 
15/10/2006 19:23 CET   11602. James Marsters' October Q&A is up. 
22/09/2006 15:04 CET   11423. Matt Roush discusses Joss. 
22/09/2006 14:37 CET   11420. James to co-star in feature adaptation of "P.S. I Love You". 
13/09/2006 08:40 CET   11344. Buffy score used in new Star Trek trailer. 
22/06/2006 11:04 CET   10681. Georges Jeanty - the artist for the Buffy season 8 comic book. 
17/05/2006 10:57 CET   10372. 'Not Fade Away' - the latest fan campaign for the Spike DVD movie. 
30/03/2006 06:44 CET   9936. James Marsters - "I'm not getting any more British". 
09/02/2006 08:52 CET   9484. Spike: Old Wounds out today in comic book shops. 
12/05/2003 09:49 CET   1323. Angel Renewed 
12/01/2003 13:39 CET   663. A Vampire With Soul, and Cheekbones. 

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