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"Sorry Agent Ballard, you don't get the girl."
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15/06/2017 21:15 CET   36360. RockLove unveil their Firefly jewellery collection. 
13/06/2017 22:30 CET   36358. Trailer for 'Midsummer Night's Dream' - starring Fran Kranz. 
15/03/2017 22:59 CET   36212. The Avengers' line that Tom Hiddleston will never forget. 
14/01/2017 00:50 CET   36036. Fox would be open to Firefly reboot if Joss Whedon wants to revisit it. 
10/01/2017 23:37 CET   36022. Nathan Fillion will guest star in Drew Barrymore's new horror comedy show on Netflix. 
19/09/2016 04:36 CET   35816. Gina Torres will recur on Shondaland ABC drama 'The Catch'. 
10/08/2016 19:24 CET   35756. Charisma Carpenter joins the cast of "Lucifer." 
02/08/2016 00:13 CET   35741. Jason O'Mara is the new Director of S.H.I.E.L.D.. 
23/06/2016 14:42 CET   35662. Happy birthday to Joss Whedon! 
23/05/2016 23:37 CET   35616. Can't Stop The Serenity shirts are available for purchase online. 
28/04/2016 20:30 CET   35549. Twelve Joss Whedon creations that made the world a better place. 
22/04/2016 19:45 CET   35535. Fran Kranz joins 'The Dark Tower'. 
18/04/2016 20:14 CET   35524. Jewel Staite to guest on Castle. 
27/03/2016 23:37 CET   35476. Happy Birthday to Nathan Fillion! 
26/03/2016 04:26 CET   35473. Tom Whedon passed away yesterday. 
24/03/2016 19:48 CET   35460. Watch a clip from Eliza Dushku's new movie "Jane Wants a Boyfriend". 
23/12/2015 06:49 CET   35260. FX Guru on Serenity (as well as BSG, Babylon 5 and Star Trek: Voyager) Mojo could use some goodwill. 
22/12/2015 02:13 CET   35260. FX Guru on Serenity (as well as BSG, Babylon 5 and Star Trek: Voyager) Mojo could use some goodwill. 
30/10/2015 17:34 CET   35134. EW's list of butt-kicking women in movies/TV. 
29/10/2015 01:34 CET   35131. Elizabeth Henstridge on Simmons' harrowing journey. 

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