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"Vengeance is what I am."
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Member since: 20 April 2006
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Rosie Chapman
Vancouver, Canada

Obviously big fan of Joss and most sci-fi in general. I do martial arts and hope to learn sword fighting and stunt work.

I'm from England and currently enjoying the freedom to travel and see some of Canada and US, when I get the chance to go visiting.

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21/08/2007 20:13 CET   14057. QMx to release new version of blueprints. 
16/07/2007 23:07 CET   13746. Last two episodes of Drive online. 
05/06/2007 21:51 CET   13373. 'Tis Pity She's a Whore': Postfeminist Prostitution in Joss Whedon's Firefly? 
20/05/2007 23:31 CET   13271. Let's Watch A Girl Get Beaten To Death. 
28/04/2007 23:33 CET   13083. Get free tickets to see Nathan Fillion on the The Late Late Show on May 8th. 
27/03/2007 02:05 CET   12820. White Noise 2 on DVD in May. 
22/03/2007 01:47 CET   12762. SoCal Browncoats/QMx Offer Sneak Peak At Serenity's Blueprints. 
19/03/2007 23:09 CET   12762. SoCal Browncoats/QMx Offer Sneak Peak At Serenity's Blueprints. 
11/03/2007 17:34 CET   12682. Nathan Fillion's "Waitress" trailer at 
09/03/2007 11:41 CET   12667. 'The Thirst' gets a release date. 
01/03/2007 22:34 CET   12606. Serenity: Special Edition DVD to be released in July. 
01/03/2007 22:19 CET   12596. Malcolm Reynolds - Top Fictional Role Model. 
28/02/2007 16:11 CET   12588. Waitress premieres USA, France April 27, 2007. 
16/02/2007 17:03 CET   12480. 20th Century Fox crack down on Firefly content on YouTube. 
12/02/2007 03:32 CET   12447. An interview with Firefly artist Jason Palmer. 
03/02/2007 13:13 CET   12382. Firefly Poetry in DIAGRAM. 
29/10/2006 13:21 CET   11723. River's barfight scene-without Summer. 

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