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"Wasn't that guy dead?"
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Member since: 20 April 2006
Curlyshuffle has posted 1 links and 11 comments to WHEDONesque.

John Jackson
Tulsa, OK

Crotchety old bastard, deeply and horribly addicted to all things Whedon.

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03/08/2006 11:14 CET   11022. Macaulay Caulkin joins "Sex and Breakfast". 
28/07/2006 09:46 CET   10968. South Africa's The Star mentions Serenity in Ultraviolet review. 
25/07/2006 12:11 CET   10932. The director as a brand. 
24/07/2006 10:07 CET   10928. Pop Autopsy - Why did Firefly fizzle? 
06/06/2006 14:59 CET   10524. Serenely Conservative. 
06/06/2006 14:43 CET   10524. Serenely Conservative. 
31/05/2006 10:18 CET   10478. Additional On Set Pictures From Girls' Guide To Hunting and Fishing. 
28/04/2006 14:15 CET   10207. Buffy and Firefly make it on to a list of shows to watch if "Lost" on a island. 
28/04/2006 14:07 CET   10209. The first European Pyramid (Illyria) discovered in Bosnia. 
20/04/2006 10:21 CET   10117. Hatchet (featuring Mercedes McNab) premiering at Tribeca Film Festival. 
20/04/2006 10:18 CET   10120. Xander is missing! 

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