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"Do you two need to be alone, or can we get to the ouchies?"
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29/06/2011 19:17 CET   26758. Dark Horse's Angel Omnibus gets released this week. 
18/06/2011 03:46 CET   26684. Castle quiz: the historic details of cult hero Nathan Fillion. 
13/06/2011 18:53 CET   26655. Robert Downey Jr. talks about Joss Whedon and The Avengers. 
11/05/2011 04:36 CET   26451. Nathan Fillion rocks Castle in this interview with AssignmentX. 
09/05/2011 15:43 CET   26445. The Avengers will film for two weeks in Ohio. 
05/05/2011 18:13 CET   26427. Interview with a villain in The Avengers. 
20/04/2011 15:41 CET   26359. Does Thor's post-credit teaser clip reveal the villain in The Avengers? 
11/04/2011 03:38 CET   26294. Dr Horrible - the My Little Pony version. 
07/04/2011 22:21 CET   26269. TV's Grim Reaper: Why Joss Whedon continually kills the characters we love. 
08/03/2011 03:34 CET   26023. Robert Downey Jr. talks The Avengers with MTV. 
02/03/2011 00:09 CET   25981. Most Whedon shows are leaving Netflix Instant Viewing on April 1st. 
02/03/2011 00:05 CET   25981. Most Whedon shows are leaving Netflix Instant Viewing on April 1st. 
02/02/2011 21:12 CET   25804. Summer Glau's "The Cape" gets back order cut. 
16/01/2011 05:26 CET   25697. Terriers episode guest-starring Olivia Williams named Best of 2010. 
15/01/2011 23:35 CET   25696. 'Pygmalion meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer' by The Open University. 
04/01/2011 17:40 CET   25610. Firefly on Ovation Channel Starting Now! 
23/12/2010 03:54 CET   25553. "The Avengers" to shoot in New Mexico, New York, and Michigan. 
15/12/2010 18:39 CET   25508. The Daily Show uses Buffy as an example of ideal government infrastructure. 
30/11/2010 19:13 CET   25410. Will Hollywood ever cast an openly gay actor as a franchise headliner? 
30/11/2010 07:32 CET   25406. What's Nathan Fillion's secret to staying sexy? 

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