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"I always had a crush on you, even when I thought you were a dude...this is better."
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Member since: 28 December 2006
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Just an Atlanta girl who loves all things Joss!

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12/10/2008 21:26 CET   17842. Dollhouse Episode Five - Title Revealed. 
01/07/2008 09:53 CET   16758. How to knit: Mr. Pointy. 
13/06/2008 07:02 CET   16594. Getting THE INSIDE Out...on DVD! 
13/06/2008 06:11 CET   16594. Getting THE INSIDE Out...on DVD! 
25/10/2007 19:10 CET   14548. Witch Willow Scores High ! 
24/07/2007 01:23 CET   13800. Happy Birthday, Charisma! 
03/07/2007 05:12 CET   13601. Sarah Michelle Gellar Opens Harrod's Sale. 
14/06/2007 19:51 CET   13444. More on David Boreanaz's Broadway stint. 
22/03/2007 17:55 CET   12788. If you liked the Hyperion model, you might also like this custom -made 1/12 scale Buffy library. 
20/02/2007 18:32 CET   12516. This year's Saturn Awards nominations. 
11/01/2007 23:10 CET   12230. The Serenity DVD needs your vote at DVD Reviewer! 

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