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"There's no throne, there is no version of this where you come out on top. Maybe your army comes and maybe it's too much for us but it's all on you."
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Member since: 28 December 2006
Andrea 2s1 has posted 0 links and 59 comments to WHEDONesque.

Andrea 2s1
Andrea Jennifer Shubert

Joss Whedon and Jane Espenson inspire me to make great works.

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22/05/2014 15:27 CET   33118. What Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. got right and wrong. 
22/05/2014 04:39 CET   33070. Discuss Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 1x22 "Beginning of the End". 
06/05/2013 17:09 CET   30938. NPR on Tony Stark as the new Captain America.  
01/08/2012 17:54 CET   29386. Fox Entertainment take action over unofficial Firefly MMO. 
25/07/2012 21:41 CET   29354. Home entertainment trailer for The Cabin in the Woods. 
02/07/2012 21:29 CET   29184. 'Firefly' appears on "Life After Cancelation".  
10/05/2012 01:50 CET   28810. Joss discusses a major plot point of The Avengers. 
10/05/2012 01:03 CET   28797. The Purple. 
20/03/2012 20:40 CET   28260. Tickets available for special advanced screenings of The Cabin In The Woods. 
01/03/2012 22:48 CET   28129. Trailer for 'Firefly Universe Online'. 
14/10/2011 04:58 CET   27447. Summer Glau debuts mysterious new project. 
23/09/2011 19:49 CET   27320. Who did SMG play on All My Children? 
15/07/2011 10:30 CET   26854. Joss Whedon on Neil Patrick Harris - 'He has "a Sinatra quality"'. 
26/06/2011 05:36 CET   26733. Firefly MMORPG "revived"... without any licensing. 
26/06/2011 01:50 CET   26733. Firefly MMORPG "revived"... without any licensing. 
26/06/2011 00:15 CET   26733. Firefly MMORPG "revived"... without any licensing. 
25/06/2011 03:08 CET   26733. Firefly MMORPG "revived"... without any licensing. 
02/06/2011 13:10 CET   26591. Netflix CEO acknowledges Firefly's popularity with streamers. 
24/04/2011 19:14 CET   26380. Film Greatness. 
09/03/2011 17:51 CET   26034. "Sometimes I get bitter... about things..." 

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