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"I know you've heard colorful rumors about what an Active is. Robots, zombie slaves. They are, of course, quite the opposite. The Active is the truest soul among us."
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28/09/2008 08:54 CET   17717. The Emmys have big problems. Luckily EW has solutions! 
25/01/2008 13:21 CET   15314. Remember the "Recast Buffy" challenge from Buzz Sugar? 
27/07/2007 11:25 CET   13827. David Greenwalt exits 'Moonlight'. 
25/02/2007 17:01 CET   12548. Television's Brave New World: Better Than Film? 
04/02/2007 08:00 CET   12385. SATIN TIGHTS NO LONGER. 
26/01/2007 09:38 CET   12323. David Boreanaz on the relationships in Bones. 
16/01/2007 18:59 CET   12254. Boreanaz in 'Suffering Man's Charity' premieres at the South by Southwest Film Festival. 
10/01/2007 06:53 CET   12214. FOX position Drive as mid-season front runner. 
08/01/2007 10:55 CET   12191. Actress "linked" with Wonder Woman role. 
30/12/2006 19:01 CET   12132. David Boreanaz interview in the New York Times. 

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