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"It's a big rock. I can't wait to tell my friends. They don't have a rock this big."
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Rowan Hawthorn
Kentucky, USA

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27/03/2017 17:59 CET   36231. Willow Rosenberg will be bringing out a Buffy Grimoire in October. 
13/03/2017 19:01 CET   36204. Why MTV's Sweet/Vicious must be saved. 
11/03/2017 02:05 CET   36194. Sarah Michelle Gellar's post about Buffy at 20. 
10/03/2017 01:43 CET   36186. Joss Whedon looks back at Buffy. 
09/03/2017 18:23 CET   36176. Adam Busch knows that Buffy fans think Warren's terrible. 
07/03/2017 19:55 CET   36164. The top ten underrated Buffy episodes. 
01/02/2017 21:48 CET   36091. Casting suggestions for the 13th Doctor who aren't straight, white men.  
26/01/2017 22:49 CET   36072. Another Contender for the Most Buffyesque New Series.  
20/01/2017 02:30 CET   36051. Happy birthday Buffy Summers! 
20/01/2017 02:29 CET   36050. Screen Rant suggests several Whedonesque actors who could play Bruce Wayne/Batman on CW. 
29/12/2016 19:21 CET   36007. The Buffy Adult Colouring Book is out in comic book stores today. 
14/12/2016 21:49 CET   35989. Buffy Summers is Hollywood's third most favourite female character. 
22/08/2016 17:05 CET   35777. Buffy the Vampire Slayer: 11 things we need from Season 11. 
16/08/2016 15:46 CET   35764. Rumor Alert: Joss Whedon directing the Supergirl/Flash musical crossover? 
12/08/2016 16:09 CET   35762. Buffy, "The Gift", and the Avoidance of Choice. 
26/07/2016 21:18 CET   35729. Creators, fans and death threats: Talking to Joss Whedon and others on the Age of Entitlement. 
26/07/2016 19:42 CET   35729. Creators, fans and death threats: Talking to Joss Whedon and others on the Age of Entitlement. 
20/07/2016 19:21 CET   35708. 'Buffy' comic raises the Slayer stakes with a Season 11. 
11/07/2016 18:26 CET   35691. Ten Buffy novels you should read (if you haven't already). 
08/07/2016 16:36 CET   35684. SciFi Now's top five greatest sci-fi series ever created. 

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