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"I know you've heard colorful rumors about what an Active is. Robots, zombie slaves. They are, of course, quite the opposite. The Active is the truest soul among us."
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natalie ellis
united kingdom

LOVE JOSS!!! joss is the boss!!!
well i'm a big fan of joss whedon anything whedon for me it's a huge hit.
and as you can tell by my nickname i love spike/james as well.

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23/04/2009 18:14 CET   19997. Want to ask Miracle Laurie about Dollhouse? 
14/04/2009 22:09 CET   19884. Ausiello: Fox will not be renewing 'Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles'. 
14/04/2009 18:50 CET   19877. T1 Starfury Convention next weekend in England. 
14/04/2009 05:13 CET   19877. T1 Starfury Convention next weekend in England. 
31/03/2009 17:20 CET   19687. R.I.P Andy Hallett. 
15/02/2009 16:44 CET   19105. Watch Dollhouse episode 1 online. 
13/02/2009 16:21 CET   19076. For You Guys. 
28/11/2008 21:56 CET   18229. Buffy movie rumours start to surface. 
01/11/2008 14:06 CET   17997. Some new Starfury convention mini-movies. 
24/10/2008 18:16 CET   17924. Just confirmed: Alyson Hannigan is pregnant. 
08/10/2008 19:09 CET   17812. Dr. Horrible available on UK and AUS iTunes. 
20/09/2008 23:12 CET   17648. Tonight on BBC One - Tony Head stars in 'Merlin'. 
29/08/2008 12:27 CET   17439. BBC launches 'Merlin' promo. 
22/08/2008 04:04 CET   17372. Buffy and Angel partwork to begin in the UK. 
15/08/2008 13:22 CET   17295. Promo video for Bones Season 4 premiere. 
03/08/2008 01:50 CET   17177. Buffy the Animated Series -the pilot presentation thingy 
30/07/2008 12:06 CET   17128. Joss gets fans into Sci Fi Channel/EW party. 
22/07/2008 12:21 CET   17005. Welcome (back) to the Dollhouse. 
19/07/2008 14:29 CET   16964. Doctor Horrible Act III (The Big Finale) is Live. 
08/06/2008 19:29 CET   16541. Spoof Google News page. 

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