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Member since: 31 October 2007
curlymynci has posted 8 links and 296 comments to WHEDONesque.

Oxford, UK

Curly is a woman but hasn't written an existentialist book about it yet. She is also 29, feminist, English, and happily scifi geeky. She became a Whedonphile while studying clinical psychology in the Welsh mountains but was airlifted off and plonked in Oxford. She goes running, does yoga and rock climbing, but also drinks beer, eats cake and watched at least one series of Charmed back in 2003 (so is not that good really).

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14/05/2013 08:00 CET   30990. Much Ado About Nothing UK website live, includes details where to see the movie. 
06/02/2012 13:05 CET   27988. Think Angel, think Israel Defense Forces? 
20/07/2011 23:22 CET   26899. Alyson Hannigan is the new face for Head & Shoulders. 
27/11/2010 03:50 CET   25383. 6 staples of sci-fi and fantasy television. 
27/07/2010 23:26 CET   24467. Fran Kranz Praised in "Bachelorette". 
14/07/2010 21:12 CET   24329. Mark Ruffalo offered role as Hulk in Avengers? 
20/06/2010 11:38 CET   24162. Whedonverse stars Down Under. 
08/06/2010 10:47 CET   24094. The Guardian speculates about who could be in the new Torchwood series. 
02/06/2010 12:31 CET   24040. Whedon writers storm television in Fall 2010. 
01/06/2010 13:48 CET   24040. Whedon writers storm television in Fall 2010. 
01/06/2010 10:19 CET   24040. Whedon writers storm television in Fall 2010. 
01/05/2010 08:54 CET   23786. Vote for the ten greatest Buffy episodes. 
30/04/2010 00:40 CET   23776. The top six deaths in the Whedonverse. 
16/04/2010 04:19 CET   23671. Nathan Illustrated. 
13/04/2010 22:58 CET   23648. Joss Whedon to direct The Avengers says Deadline New York. 
06/04/2010 21:54 CET   23576. Trailer for 'The Expendables' featuring Charisma Carpenter. 
22/03/2010 09:02 CET   23435. First episode of "Previously on Point Dume". 
20/03/2010 01:32 CET   23417. The Dr Horrible Comic Book App for your iPhone. 
10/03/2010 11:53 CET   23345. Christina Hendricks is a (Barbie) Doll. 
04/03/2010 22:57 CET   23289. The Vampire Diaries - Successor To Buffy? 

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