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"Sometimes you just wanna duct tape her mouth and dump her in the hold for a month."
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Member since: 31 December 2002
faith21 has posted 3 links and 49 comments to WHEDONesque.


New Jersey

Buffy fan since the beginning. Still think Firefly was the best show on television. Ever.

Also love Friday Night Lights, Life, Weeds, Rescue Me, Heroes, How I Met Your Mother, and Brothers & Sisters.
Guilty pleasures: Gossip Girl, Las Vegas, America's Next Top Model, One Tree Hill.

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10/05/2008 02:44 CET   16277. Morena Baccarin cast in new ABC pilot. 
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01/11/2007 07:36 CET   14600. Best News Ever! Joss Whedon Spills Exclusive Deets on his New Series. 
05/10/2007 01:18 CET   14392. Christina Hendricks in NBC's "Life". 
13/05/2007 07:17 CET   13209. "How I Met Your Mother" Rumored to be Renewed. 
29/04/2007 20:27 CET   13090. Boreanaz Has No 'Bones' About Touting NHL. 
27/04/2007 06:43 CET   13072. Add Whedonesque to your startpage. 
24/04/2007 02:20 CET   13023. Drive: Does the Race Exist? 
19/04/2007 05:24 CET   13003. In praise of How I Met Your Mother. 
06/04/2007 03:48 CET   12910. David Boreanaz blogs about Hockey. 
17/02/2007 20:52 CET   12502. Morena Baccarin on "Las Vegas" TONIGHT. 
21/09/2006 06:21 CET   11405. How Well Do You Know Serenity. 
23/06/2006 08:23 CET   10684. Happy birthday to Joss Whedon. 
19/06/2006 02:43 CET   10645. Not since Buffy the Vampire Slayer has Matt Roush had to defend his love for a show 
17/05/2006 07:44 CET   10359. It's David Boreanaz's birthday 
16/05/2006 23:17 CET   10365. Veronica Mars renewed. 
04/05/2006 05:47 CET   10253. "Veronica Mars" Season 2 Coming To DVD (R1). 
03/05/2006 22:41 CET   10253. "Veronica Mars" Season 2 Coming To DVD (R1). 
03/05/2006 20:48 CET   10253. "Veronica Mars" Season 2 Coming To DVD (R1). 
19/04/2006 21:49 CET   10064. Happy Birthday to Sarah Michelle Gellar! 

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