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"Did I just lose an argument to a doll?"
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Queensland, Australia

The whedonverse is my life and has maintained this position since I was 6 (I am now 16). Sadly I have no life. I choose to live vicariously through others. I choose to completely ignore my high school life until I eventually graduate. At this point I will be supressing like there's no tomorrow. Ah the good times.

Despite the fact that high school is undoubtedly one of the most horrific experiences of my life the teachers are really great albeit insane. But then again aren't the bumbling crazies the most interesting people to talk to?

The parts of my life that I will not be suppressing however are things I care most about. Politics, Social Justice and the Whedonverse. Hopefully I will also retain my sense of humour, although that would require me actually finding it first.

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