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"Vampire cowboy? Vampire fireman? Oh! Vampire ballerina!"
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Lila Millstone

I love singing and classical music and rock music and many other types of music and LotR and Serenity and Doctor Who and Battlestar Galactica and reading and hanging out with friends and acting at the local ren faire. Huzzah!

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10/12/2008 00:43 CET   18333. set dates for BSG webisodes written by Jane Espenson. 
01/11/2008 18:13 CET   17993. Last minute Halloween costume ideas. 
30/10/2008 01:05 CET   17979. How to dress like a Browncoat for Halloween. 
30/10/2008 01:03 CET   17971. Joss talks Buffy and Twilight. 
26/10/2008 22:20 CET   17949. Jane Espenson's ideas for the Barack Obama Half Hour TV Show. 
25/10/2008 23:46 CET   17860. PG Porn Says "No" to Nudity and "Yes" to Violence Against Women. 
11/09/2008 11:29 CET   17571. Fox executives concerned about the creative direction of Dollhouse? 
03/09/2008 00:58 CET   17468. Cracked lists River Tam as one of Hollywood's 5 Saddest Attempts at Feminism. 
03/09/2008 00:06 CET   17473. Felicia Day asked Tycho from Penny Arcade to groom her at PAX. 
19/08/2008 13:18 CET   17308. Mark Sheppard joins Dollhouse. 
15/08/2008 10:13 CET   17296. The five most rabid fanbases. 
15/08/2008 09:33 CET   17280. Serenity sequel "not happening" says Joss. 
02/08/2008 13:27 CET   17142. Bella Swan, You're No Buffy Summers! 
01/08/2008 10:33 CET   17159. Fans Learn NOT to order Dr. Horrible Style Goggles from Pendergast. 
30/07/2008 08:23 CET   17142. Bella Swan, You're No Buffy Summers! 
12/07/2008 15:37 CET   16864. Firefly Themed Wayward Coffeehouse Discovered in Seattle. 
27/05/2008 00:31 CET   16446. Future on Fox confirms DOLLHOUSE viral/ARG/transmedia game on. 
27/05/2008 00:21 CET   16428. Fox begins Viral Campaign for Dollhouse. 
27/05/2008 00:13 CET   16413. Runaways headed for the big screen. 
19/05/2008 16:08 CET   16383. Firefly Ship Works, Ltd. 

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