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24/08/2005 09:05 CET   7636. Jane Espenson makes with the funny. 
28/06/2005 13:20 CET   7067. BBC Cult Site to close July 15th. 
26/06/2005 14:01 CET   7060. Bones premiere date set. 
08/04/2005 19:08 CET   6468. Drew Goddard gives his thoughts on a possible Spike Spin-off 
08/04/2005 09:03 CET   6465. Another chance to Vote For Firefly. 
05/04/2005 16:34 CET   6448. Preview of the artwork for the Spike comic book. 
30/12/2004 19:10 CET   5673. Will You Be Tom Lenk's Special Friend? 
17/11/2004 13:49 CET   5357. David Boreanaz and James Marsters video interview. 
26/10/2004 07:11 CET   5187. What would you most like to see in the Firefly Movie? 
12/01/2003 11:16 CET   646. Don't Let Your Kids Watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer - But you can tape it and watch after they go to bed. 

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