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"KKcht. Eagle one to German guys from 'Die Hard', what is your position? KKRrtch."
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The cake is a lie.

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10/07/2008 09:34 CET   16836. Impressions of upcoming adventure game "Mirror's Edge". 
10/07/2008 09:32 CET   16833. reports on Firefly Blu-ray delay. 
10/07/2008 09:25 CET   16836. Impressions of upcoming adventure game "Mirror's Edge". 
12/02/2008 09:00 CET   15478. Nick Brendon updates his audio blog. 
12/02/2008 08:56 CET   15480. Our own Summer Glau makes MSN's "Fresh Faces of 2008". 
07/02/2008 02:39 CET   15426. From Joss Whedon: Do Not Adjust Your Mindset. 
01/02/2008 22:05 CET   15382. Guillermo Del Toro namechecks Buffy and Firefly in CHUD interview. 
21/01/2008 22:20 CET   15283. Summer Glau talks Terminator on Good Day LA. 
11/01/2008 20:16 CET   15174. How Happy Does This Make Me? 
08/01/2008 21:41 CET   15143. Summer Glau on The Radio Happy Hour tonight. 
07/01/2008 09:26 CET   15109. has video of Summer Glau. 
07/01/2008 09:13 CET   15123. Is the Operative the deadliest hitman in the 'verse? 
03/01/2008 23:09 CET   15098. Browncoat Gamers Rejoice! 

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