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"You have the emotional maturity of a blueberry scone."
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Washington, DC

Lurked here for years, a HUGE Joss-evangelist - have a nasty habit of buying Firefly for folks and making them sit through endless hours of Buffy and Angel.. heck.. I even like Alien 4.

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08/12/2010 16:46 CET   25453. Seth Green Guesting on The Daily Show With Jon Stewart tonight. 
10/10/2009 17:19 CET   21957. Ten TV spin-offs that were better than the original. 
21/09/2009 04:56 CET   21720. Dr. Horrible attacks the Emmys. 
25/08/2009 23:32 CET   21431. Limited edition poster of A-Z of Awesomeness now for sale. 
26/07/2009 05:09 CET   21096. Bill Willingham to write Angel. 
08/07/2009 22:09 CET   20922. Joss will write and direct the Dollhouse Season 2 Premiere. 
01/06/2009 19:36 CET   20535. Emma Caulfield announced for WizardWorld Philadelphia. 
31/05/2009 06:24 CET   20527. Tony Head on the new Buffy movie: "It may be a bit like watching a car wreck". 
31/05/2009 03:19 CET   20527. Tony Head on the new Buffy movie: "It may be a bit like watching a car wreck". 
13/05/2009 15:12 CET   20292. "Dollhouse fans shouldn't lose hope". 
02/03/2009 05:41 CET   19305. Extras sought for the fan film "Browncoats: Redemption". 
07/11/2008 14:11 CET   18046. LA Times reports on new Dollhouse production delays. 
25/10/2008 06:33 CET   17939. Buffy gets a mention on the sex map. 
04/10/2008 19:08 CET   17774. Felicia Day wants to sell you a washer and dryer! 
17/08/2008 02:39 CET   17299. Poor Dawnie. 
17/08/2008 02:35 CET   17299. Poor Dawnie. 
14/08/2008 14:35 CET   17280. Serenity sequel "not happening" says Joss. 
16/04/2008 17:00 CET   16089. Bad Fandom: Worn Out By Whedonites. 
04/03/2008 17:35 CET   15669. Serenity seen to be 'neglected'. 
03/01/2008 07:08 CET   15085. The Best and Worst Movies of 2007. 

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