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"I'll be in my bunk."
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Torrance, CA

Though I am the product of parents who love me, were involved in my life and looked out for my very best interest, BTVS had a very heavy influence in my upbringing. The show is pure genious. Ever since season one, episode one I have been an open Whedon follower and will continue to be to the end of time. <3

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13/08/2008 12:20 CET   17274. Join James Marsters at a Dragon*Con private party/concert. 
16/05/2008 14:05 CET   16351. BTVS Tarot Deck now available for pre-order! 
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17/04/2008 15:28 CET   16096. Dollhouse gets a new cast member. 
08/04/2008 15:31 CET   16016. James Marsters, Tom Lenk & Elisabeth Rohm at Burbank Grand Slam. 
27/03/2008 16:20 CET   15899. Web comic character auditions for Joss' online musical. 
27/03/2008 16:08 CET   15901. Geek - Stories of People Taking Things Too Seriously. 
26/03/2008 16:03 CET   15895. Michelle filming Gossip Girl. 
26/03/2008 15:53 CET   15893. Julie Benz will topline 'Saw V.' 
25/03/2008 16:30 CET   15879. Buffy Alums Circling Whedon's Dollhouse. 
25/03/2008 16:14 CET   15883. Marc Blucas in Trailer for Meet Dave. 
25/03/2008 16:07 CET   15884. "Pop-culture icon" Joss (and some other people) explains the lure of graphic novels. 
25/03/2008 15:59 CET   15889. Son of More Paley. 
25/03/2008 00:52 CET   15880. Even more Paley Fest coverage, this time from IGN. 

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