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"And on the day the words flimsy excuse were redefined, we stood in awe, and watched."
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Aidan W.
Aidan Williamson
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15/01/2010 20:39 CET   22890. Dollhouse finale delayed from Jan 22nd to Jan 29th. 
09/01/2010 22:53 CET   22823. Fast National Ratings for Dollhouse 2.11 'Getting Closer'. 
08/01/2010 14:14 CET   22808. Vote for Sarah Michelle Gellar in Hello's Most Attractive Woman of 2009 poll. 
03/11/2009 00:18 CET   22240. An Open Letter to the Terminator Owners. 
30/10/2009 18:30 CET   22205. NBC ordered six more episodes of "Chuck". 
27/10/2009 17:49 CET   22174. Sci Fi UK to air new Dollhouse episodes before Fox? 
25/10/2009 03:30 CET   22131. Fox confirms official Double Dollhouse December schedules. 
08/10/2009 19:16 CET   21932. Low ratings put "Dollhouse" in danger of going to the attic forever. 
06/10/2009 02:42 CET   21902. Profitability of Dollhouse vs. a House rerun. 
03/10/2009 15:39 CET   21868. Discuss the second episode of Dollhouse season 2. 
02/10/2009 14:52 CET   21859. Miracle Laurie returns to Dollhouse. 
01/10/2009 19:19 CET   21851. "The Booby Scare" featuring Alyson Hannigan among others. 
28/09/2009 14:37 CET   21812. Writing team Liz Craft and Sarah Fain move to Lie to Me. 
28/09/2009 14:03 CET   21814. 'I don't think Angel is going to be coming back' says Davd Boreanaz. 
27/09/2009 09:22 CET   21808. Dollhouse S2 premiere ratings. 
26/08/2009 18:25 CET   21440. Cold Open talks about Dollhouse in internet piracy debate. 
20/07/2009 21:42 CET   21010. Recap and review of the Dollhouse episode 'Epitaph One'. 
01/07/2009 23:52 CET   20855. Tim Minear is penning the new Alien Nation for SciFi. I mean, "SyFy". 
28/06/2009 03:13 CET   20811. Movie adaptation of web series Girltrash! is in the works. 
19/06/2009 02:09 CET   20721. Buffy's Coming Back ... As A Motion Comic? 

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