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"Of course, according to my parents the action I'm getting right now should make my last remaining eye go blind..."
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Aspiring television and film writer, Joss fan (as all aspiring television and film writers should be.)

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13/06/2008 03:24 CET   16595. The trailer for Punisher War Zone, co-starring Julie Benz, is online. 
20/05/2008 04:15 CET   16387. Runaways #30 pushed back again. 
25/04/2008 06:13 CET   16171. Another review of the Dollhouse pilot script. 
17/04/2008 08:52 CET   16099. Proof Joss Whedon is a social media visionary. 
16/04/2008 09:06 CET   16089. Bad Fandom: Worn Out By Whedonites. 
16/04/2008 05:16 CET   16087. Buffy Season 2 - One of the Best 15 Seasons of the Past 20 Years. 

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