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"I hope she does the soup thing. It's always a hoot, and we don't all die from it."
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21/08/2017 21:00 CET   36482. So farewell then. 
27/06/2017 23:33 CET   36387. 20th Century Fox to release Buffy: The Complete Series 20th Anniversary Edition DVD Boxed Set. 
11/03/2017 18:58 CET   36199. Five music artists who appeared on Buffy share their memories. 
07/03/2017 11:39 CET   36170. Seventeen bizarre Buffy collectibles that will slay you. 
10/12/2016 09:58 CET   35990. Firefly holiday sweater on sale at ThinkGeek. 
16/11/2016 05:32 CET   35951. Insight Editions to bring out new Buffy merchandise for the show's 20th anniversary next year. 
05/08/2016 23:10 CET   35745. Buffy now in HD on Netflix US. 
18/06/2016 14:50 CET   35652. New official Buffy board game is coming soon. 
18/06/2016 09:58 CET   35652. New official Buffy board game is coming soon. 
03/09/2014 18:22 CET   33544. New video comparison for the Buffy HD Remaster.  
25/04/2014 07:15 CET   32977. 20 movie-based TV shows from best to worst. 
07/10/2013 15:20 CET   31979. Patton Oswalt discusses his crushes from the Whedonverse. 
25/09/2013 21:02 CET   31886. The Avengers: Age of Ultron Comic-Con footage appears online (in HD). 
27/08/2013 12:23 CET   31693. Joss Whedon rips Indiana Jones scene, and he's right. 
21/07/2013 18:15 CET   31497. Felicia Day returning to Supernatural. 
16/07/2013 18:57 CET   31447. Comicon 2013 cosplay catastrophe.  
08/06/2013 19:35 CET   31208. Ranking the "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" vampires. 
13/05/2013 10:07 CET   30982. Mark Ruffalo says he will return in The Avengers sequel; addresses recast rumors. 
05/05/2013 21:17 CET   30934. Elisabeth Rohm to be in David O. Russell's next film.  
03/02/2013 21:13 CET   30385. The Avengers' Leviathan warships could have looked different. 

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