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"I know you've heard colorful rumors about what an Active is. Robots, zombie slaves. They are, of course, quite the opposite. The Active is the truest soul among us."
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Member since: 02 February 2003
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Magnus magnus. Magnus magnus magnus. Magnus, Magnus.

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22/09/2003 16:43 CET   2049. 'Esmerelda the Demon Killing Girl' 
15/05/2003 15:49 CET   1354. Angel Moves to Channel 5 in the UK 
15/05/2003 12:16 CET   1352. Gellar Slammed by 'Buffy' Co-Star. 
12/05/2003 12:28 CET   1323. Angel Renewed 
09/04/2003 17:48 CET   1102. Yet another spot to vote for the return of Angel 
28/03/2003 21:32 CET   1041. Does she kiss her mother with that mouth? 
28/03/2003 17:06 CET   1043. Kristin on the future of Angel. 
28/03/2003 14:53 CET   1043. Kristin on the future of Angel. 
18/02/2003 22:42 CET   840. Buffy 7x15 "Get it Done" wildfeed 

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