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"Call her that again I'll remove your face…slowly."
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Michelle Yeoman
Des Moines, IA, USA

Yay for holiday registration! Mid-30s, female, hooked on Buffy during season five, watched Firefly in real time. Obviously a genre fan (as the X-Files reference demonstrates). Thanks for this forum!

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25/02/2010 10:56 CET   23219. It's Alexis Denisof's Birthday today. 
08/01/2010 19:55 CET   22817. Discuss the eleventh episode of Dollhouse season 2. 
01/12/2009 08:30 CET   22516. BtVS The Chosen Collection on sale at Barnes & Noble for $84.99. 
23/06/2009 10:01 CET   20770. Happy Birthday, Joss. 
13/03/2009 11:40 CET   19478. "True Believer" is, um, available at Fox On Demand. 
13/03/2009 07:57 CET   19473. 'Can't Stop The Serenity' Art Contest Winner announced! 
29/01/2009 11:58 CET   18829. More preview pages for Buffy #22 "Swell". 
14/11/2008 09:16 CET   18124. Favorite TV and Movie Vampires. 

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