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"You go through the door... you are confronted by Trogdor the Burninator."
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07/10/2010 02:49 CET   25019. Angel Collector's Set is's Gold Box Deal of the Day. 
29/09/2010 06:08 CET   24956. Watch the pilot of Julie Benz's new show 'No Ordinary Family'. 
23/10/2009 09:38 CET   22127. What to Gain from "Glee" for "Dollhouse?" 
02/06/2009 23:28 CET   20559. Dr. Horrible comes to Best Buy shelves and online. 
05/03/2009 15:22 CET   19356. Buffy Reunion DVD Available for Purchase From Paley Center. 
01/03/2009 21:36 CET   19306. Dr. Horrible and Dollhouse at PaleyFest '09 - individual public tickets on sale now! 
12/12/2008 02:00 CET   18350. The Angel Series Box Set is Amazon's Deal of the Day. 
20/11/2008 07:07 CET   18170. Firefly/Serenity Convention this weekend-very interesting stuff happening. 

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