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"Dear Diary, Today I was pompous and my sister was crazy... Today, we were kidnapped by hill folk never to be seen again. It was the best day ever."
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05/05/2012 10:42 CET   28737. Look who's related: Joss Whedon and Eliza Dushku. 
24/11/2008 14:11 CET   18206. Time for another Buffy movie. 
20/11/2008 00:32 CET   18168. Vampires ate your hair. 
13/11/2008 05:33 CET   18109. Joss is one of the most influential American showrunners. 
10/11/2008 08:34 CET   18081. Fox exec on Dollhouse - "We can give them 12 or 13 weeks to find an audience". 
07/11/2008 01:04 CET   18042. Dollhouse premiering on Friday, February 13. 
30/10/2008 10:14 CET   17984. Dr. Horrible is one of TIME's best inventions of the year. 
29/10/2008 04:31 CET   17970. Buffy and Angel Conquer the Internet: Essays on Online Fandom. 
22/10/2008 05:38 CET   17924. Just confirmed: Alyson Hannigan is pregnant. 
15/10/2008 02:23 CET   17859. James Marsters wearing Jayne's hat. 
18/09/2008 06:21 CET   17632. Out and about: Joss at a Hollywood political fund raiser. 
15/09/2008 09:18 CET   17596. James Marsters' September Q&A is up. 
11/09/2008 09:00 CET   17571. Fox executives concerned about the creative direction of Dollhouse? 
02/09/2008 07:39 CET   17481. Is Google part of the ELoE? 

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