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"I'm sorry. I was remembering to put on all of my clothes."
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Columbia, SC

Student at the University of South Carolina (the other USC) majoring in Biology. I'm actually from Michigan so NOT a southern belle.

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11/10/2011 14:03 CET   27421. The Avengers trailer is online. 
07/10/2011 09:50 CET   27404. Joss Whedon's video for Equality Now. 
14/08/2010 18:42 CET   24608. Jed Whedon Interview, by Joss "no relation" Whedon. 
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27/07/2010 15:58 CET   24461. The Guild's new music video: "Game On". 
23/07/2010 17:43 CET   24428. Buffy Soda is finally available to order on the Jones site. 
23/07/2010 17:41 CET   24428. Buffy Soda is finally available to order on the Jones site. 
23/07/2010 15:32 CET   24427. The Joss Whedon Experience kicks off at Comic-Con shortly. 
11/01/2010 14:07 CET   22846. Why Joss Whedon's horror movie will be worth the wait. 
06/01/2010 20:35 CET   22798. Alyson Hannigan wins the People's Choice award. 
06/01/2010 20:34 CET   22799. NPH beats Barrowman in "Big Gay Battle". 
11/12/2009 10:43 CET   22612. Would Vincent Kartheiser make a good Riddler? 
11/12/2009 10:33 CET   22614. BuddyTV 's Best Ships of 2009. 
05/12/2009 17:44 CET   22557. It's not a death ray... 
05/12/2009 17:41 CET   22559. 11 things you don't know about Joss. 
04/10/2009 21:16 CET   21886. Should Dollhouse Be Sent To The Attic? 
08/05/2009 20:20 CET   20231. Discuss the US season finale of Dollhouse. 

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