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"On the hood of a police-car?"
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Jay R. Ashworth
St Pete FL USA

I have a BA in Horrible, and I'm working on my MA; now if this damned horse would just stop bothering me...

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26/05/2011 23:12 CET   26561. Maurissa Tancharoen is now on Tumblr. 
11/07/2010 08:01 CET   24291. 12 great sci fi and fantasy speeches. 
07/09/2009 07:45 CET   21568. A.V. Club: 22 TV series not ruined when two characters hooked up. 
02/09/2009 13:26 CET   21522. The top 8 happy moments (sorta) in the Whedonverse. 
31/08/2009 04:52 CET   21496. "Everything Is For Sale" - a look at the sucess of Buffy. 
24/08/2009 10:43 CET   21416. The Legend of Neil musical episode. 
25/07/2009 17:37 CET   21076. Christian Kane's twitter. 
23/07/2009 07:39 CET   21050. Buffy props to be auctioned. 
23/07/2009 07:37 CET   21055. Happy Birthday, Charisma Carpenter! 

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