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"...and the weird thing is, your aura? Beige."
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Member since: 24 December 2008
Bluey has posted 1 links and 206 comments to WHEDONesque.

Nicki Norris

Discovered His Jossness just as Buffy, Angel and Firefly were finishing airing on TV. Started off just reading Joss posts on this site, now I read most things and a lot of the comments! Enjoying the opportunity of joining the fray on Whedonesque, particularly with Dollhouse on air (at least for a little while!).

Apart from all things Whedon, I play (grass) hockey and board games, and I have just started work as a Post-Doc in Canberra (in Structural Biology).

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10/01/2013 00:06 CET   30253. Robopocalypse postponed indefinitely. 

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