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"Okay - this is because of going through the portal, right?"
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Whedon's work is my life. Everything he touches is gold! I have all of his stuff on DVD and the comics! I can not wait for The Cabin in the Woods! :D

I love Amy Acker!<33333 All of her characters are amazing.

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27/10/2015 02:10 CET   35115. "Supergirl" premieres tonight starring Mehcad Brooks. 
07/08/2015 12:44 CET   34843. Felicia Day on what it was like to work on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. 
07/07/2015 11:38 CET   34749. First look at the Agents of SHIELD Comic-Con poster.  
10/06/2015 17:51 CET   34682. Vote for your five favourite Buffy episodes to air on ABC Family. 
29/03/2015 01:51 CET   34347. James Marsters joins HBO pilot about Salem Witch Trials. 
04/03/2015 14:30 CET   34234. Sarah Michelle Gellar is joining Star Wars Rebels' second season. 
12/02/2015 23:52 CET   34169. Buffyverse Season 10 solicitations for May. 
06/02/2015 01:07 CET   34147. Victor Gischler interview with Comic Book Resources  
31/01/2015 01:32 CET   34129. Cortex app, for Firefly Online, goes live today. 
19/01/2015 07:47 CET   34091. Dark Horse is having a sale on digital Buffy comics in honor of her birthday. 
15/01/2015 07:27 CET   34076. Dark Horse's Buffyverse books for April. 
15/01/2015 07:21 CET   34072. Out today - Buffy Season 9 Library Edition Volume 1 Hardcover. 
09/01/2015 04:54 CET   34063. Who's your favourite character from Firefly or Serenity? 
18/12/2014 08:55 CET   34001. In Your Eyes now streaming on Netflix. 
13/12/2014 06:20 CET   33981. Buffyverse Season 10 solicitations for March. 
10/12/2014 08:38 CET   33968. Discuss Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 2x10 "What They Become".  
04/12/2014 06:35 CET   33941. Leaves on the Wind is #1 on the New York Times Bestsellers List - Hardcover Graphic Books. 
01/11/2014 07:28 CET   33827. Synopsis and cast list for Agents of SHIELD 2.08 "The Things We Bury". 
20/10/2014 05:20 CET   33748. Marvel to rerelease Joss Whedon 'Runaways' arc as part of new collection. 
15/10/2014 03:25 CET   33725. Buffy Season 10 solicitations for January 2015. 

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